STARIMPEX is a dynamically developing group of companies located in the countries of Central Europe.

Our foundation is the invaluable experience and administrative resources acquired over more than 25 years of activity in the region!

A high degree of mobility and productivity has allowed us to collect in our arsenal many schemes for solving complex problems in the shortest possible time, in favor of our Clients.

In addition to the sphere of domestic and international trade, our company is one of the most efficient in the market at matters of registration and organization of new enterprises in the Central and South-EU. We also provide legal and administrative support for new companies since 9 years.

Our vision for doing business is based on five key principles:

  1. Each of our core service sectors is provided by us through the presence of our local experts and coordinators in a given jurisdiction, which allows us to most quickly respond to any order-related challenges.
  2. The personal presence of our local managers in the jurisdictions we serve increases the degree of control over any of the processes we support, which gives an additional degree of security to our Clients.
  3. We work for the long term, strengthening the infrastructure of the background support, thereby winning together with our Clients.
  4. We are gradually minimizing the presence of third parties in the provision of basic services, which ensures a more favorable price climate and reduces support time.
  5. The policy of our company excludes data speculation in order to acquire an order. In other words, we inform the Client in advance about what we can provide and what aspect needs to be improved within the given scheme.

Our basic services:

In addition to providing basic services, we are also successfully developing a number of common projects with our original Clients, now Partners, joining forces in areas such as IT, real estate development, the financial sector.

With over 25 employees across the Central European and Balkan regions, we have firmly stabilized our presence in the jurisdictions we offer, and we intend to further strengthen our service packages, benefiting both our Client Base and our extensive Partner Network!