Given the specifics of most onshore jurisdictions in terms of the need to submit regular monthly reports, our company provides full accounting support for both start-ups and large holdings.

With the participation of our qualified, licensed accountants, our specialists propose the most suitable package of services for your needs, focused on the document flow, type of activity, and region of activity of your company.

The main types of services in jurisdictions we serve:

  • submission of zero reporting: even in the absence of any turnover, the Company is obliged to submit monthly, so-called zero reports, confirming its active status. The rate of this service is minimal;
  • basic accounting packages: based on the number of outgoing and incoming invoices, the Client has the opportunity to choose between different packages, focusing on his expected turnover.
  • unique offers: in case of non-standard activities or higher document flow, our specialists develop a unique offer focused on more specific equipment of the Client.
  • In addition to the service packages listed above, our accounting team also provides service for staff income and taxation maintenance, thereby guaranteeing the transparency of your employees to the government authorities of the given jurisdiction.

For more information, please select the jurisdiction you are interested in!